Apr 1, 2016

Posted in Editorial

Region Recruitment: Enough is Enough?

Region Recruitment: Enough is Enough?

by CAPT Jeffery Redmond, USS Valkyrie

Of the many regions throughout the Starfleet International organization, our Region Four is doing quite well. We have 455 SFI dues paid members, with many more interested people on the Region 4 Facebook page. So, life is good… or good enough.

However, we can’t get lazy, and expect everything to continue along on its own inertia. Quite a few chapters have ended by complacency, and allowing interest to disappear. It’s always good to let others know about Starfleet and R4, especially all who are Star Trek fans. Everyone knows someone who’s a Trekker, or Trekkie, or both (if that’s possible).

There are more than a few who want to get involved with Star Trek and science fiction, but don’t know how. They haven’t been invited, and would if they were. Many a chapter has the luxury of not really needing more members. Only a minimum of ten are required to stay commissioned. So there doesn’t have to always be pressures to recruit and coax others to join.

Region Four has both meeting and correspondence chapters. We are scattered all over in California, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona. Nothing in Hawaii yet, but perhaps that’s a classified top secret. We communicate by e-mails, postal mail, telephone calls, personal visits, Facebook posts, and perhaps even by psychic mind melds. Well, I don’t have any psychic powers myself, but some of you others probably do.

Science Fiction used to have far more males than females involved. Fortunately this has now changed to a more equal ratio, with Starfleet memberships reflecting increases of girls and women joining. Some younger females will leave when they get married and have children, but they can (and will) be invited to return someday soon. Of course older people pass on to the next life, and we have to wait awhile for newborn babies to get a little bit older.

Our region will continue to grow, slowly but surely, in the upcoming seasons and years. The R4 crews range in all ages from pre-teens to 90’s. There are a more equal number of male and female crew members, and this includes the officers who have passed both Starfleet exams. Some currently inactive people will return when (and as) they can. New members will be recruited and join.

The Database is an excellent way to sign up, and annual dues are still only $10. There are hundreds of interesting classes to take (for free!) at the Academy, and all kinds of fun activities to participate in. Starfleet currently has more than 4,600 members, organized into 236 chapters, in its 18 regions, all over this world. There’s no need to assume that everyone is from Earth, as there is no need for any discrimination about planet of origin. Star Trek is for all worlds, and all futures. Gene Roddenberry is proud!