Mar 20, 2016

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From the RC’s Desk: February 2016

From the RC’s Desk: February 2016

Greetings Regional Members,

Hope you have had a great month. Below is the order of these reports. If you want to see more or different information do not hesitate to communicate it to me privately.

1. AB Discussion issues/Votes upcoming
2. ECAB Discussion
3. Status of the Region
a. Happenings
b. Region by the Numbers
c. Financials
d. Summit/conference
e. Awards
4. other biz that may crop up.

AB Discussion
Currently there are no motions before the AB except a review of the new Fleet budget. The AB is awaiting responses from the CS on our questions before a motion is made to approve.

The AB is also waiting for the first communication report on how the new offerings of the CQ will look.

ECAB Discussions
I am awaiting for replies to my budget questions.
The EC is in the process of updating the membership handbook and
application to reflect the passing of AB16-03.

Status of the Region

Chapter Happenings:
This months RSR to fleet there are chapters that are working on member retention and fun events such as Yuri’s Night.
It is being reported that the USS Longbow will be relocating to Region 2 on or about June 1st.

We had all but one chapter report for February. Thank you for all that made your submission on-time. As a reminder keep checking your chapter numbers.Also if you have received an email from me asking questions regarding your reports I look forward to your replies. There are a few chapter discrepancies that need to be addressed.

Upcoming events that are being planned are: Chapter Anniversary parties, Trek Day with the San Francisco Giants, Next Movie release previews, showings and hostings, and the 50th Anniversary San Francisco Creation Convention. All are welcome to join in the fun.

There has been some progression on updating the regional web site. As a reminder the chapter content should be updated and added as the chapters make their submissions to Ros. Note that if you don’t make a submission then your information will stay as it is.

Region 4 Starfleet – By the Numbers – March 2016
Total STARFLEET Members: 4642
Region 4 % of Fleet (including unassigned) :8%

Total REGION FOUR Members: 446
Total REGION FOUR Chapters of Record: 19

Total REGION FOUR Chapters below strength: 3
Total REGION FOUR Shakedown Chapters below strength: 0

Average Members Per Chapter: 21
Number of Unassigned: 65
SHoC REGION FOUR Chapter(s): None
New Region FOUR Chapter(s): None

Largest Chapter in Region 4 this Month: USS Golden Gate

Second Largest Chapter in Region 4 this Month: USS Independence
Third Largest Chapter in Region 4 this Month: Its a Tie!! USS
Stormbringer, USS Valkyrie

There are currently no additional expenditures for the region this month. Our current PayPal balance is $5 and our Comerica Checking account is at $972.68.

R4 Summit/Conference 2016
Currently there are no bids for this year’s summit/conference. Any Chapters that are interested in putting on this event to gather our region should email VRC at

Regional awards for the time period of calendar year 2015 are now open.
Please check the criteria on the regional web site at:

Other topics:
The Regional staff would like to send our condolences to Chrissy Killian on the passing of her Father.

Well folks this is it for now.

Getting it done, while having fun!

Admiral David Nottage – SCC#28197
Regional Coordinator, Region 4 Starfleet
RC at •