Jan 22, 2016

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From the RC’s Desk: January 2016

From the RC’s Desk: January 2016

In R4:
I want to thank everyone for your support these 4 years. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the chance to work with so many wonderful people as a Regional Coordinator when I joined fleet. There were ups and downs, but we always worked together to solve the problems and have a great time in this premiere Star Trek fan association. I am sure we are in a great position to move forward under the the management of ADM David Nottage next 2 years.

Congratulations to CAPT Ronald Coleman of USS Wessex for his appointment to R4 VRC beginning 2/1/16. Based on my experience working with him in other roles, I have no doubt he’ll do a great job for R4.

Now that we are back from the holidays, I hope all chapters give some serious consideration regarding the annual R4 conference. While it’s a bit of work, hosting the regional conference is a great networking opportunity not just on your chapter but throughout the region. It can be a very rewarding experience. The bids for 2016 are due 3/31/16. Feel free to contact me or ADM David Nottage if you have any questions.

Finance update:

From ECAB:
New Chief of Communications COMM Matthew Miller has formed a committee to evaluate our CQ options (print vs electronic). The committee has members from EC, AB and members at large. The AB will vote on the recommendations of this committee once we get their input.

Fleet activities at large:
COMM Matthew Miller had some great news for us – CQ #182 is available for download as we speak. The printed version should follow soon.

SFA Commandant ADM Peg Pellerin reported on some year end Academy activities. One thing in particular: Due to the purging or merging of colleges, there has been a turnover of directors. Members should check the College pages / catalog at http://acad.sfi.org/courses/index.php for the correct person to send their applications and completed exams to. The same college pages/catalog will also show any new colleges that have been created in hopes to add to the fun that many members enjoy, here, at the Academy.

CFO GEN Linda Olson sent out a periodic report on membership processing:

This week’s summary of the new members by region as processed thru the CFO’s office for the week Jan. 10th after the last report was filed until Jan. 17th at 6 pm is as follows. As with the other new member reports, these are only the members with brand new SCC numbers, it does not include renewals. This also does not include any memberships that are holding for clarification or additional information/payment etc. If you notice that you recruited new members but your total Regional membership is down, it is due to members who have failed to renew. Check your rosters and see who is due to renew their membership and give them a reminder. It may have slipped their minds.

This week we processed 29 new members. Total Fleet Strength is 4,678 with 241 chapters. (As you can see from the numbers, we apparently lost or have 3 members who are due to renew and have not done so at this time.)

Region One – 6 total members 943 and 54 chapters
Region Two – 0 total members 544 and 28 chapters
Region Three – 9 total members 508 and 26 chapters
Region Four – 1 total members 469 and 19 chapters
Region Five – 0 total members 176 and 10 chapters
Region Six – 0 total members 105 and 9 chapters
Region Seven – 1 total members 601 and 27 chapters
Region Eight – 0 total members 7 and 1 chapter
Region Nine – 0 total members 59 and 4 chapters
Region Ten – 2 total members 74 and 2 chapters
Region Eleven – 0 total members 118 and 6 chapters
Region Twelve – 1 total members 434 and 24 chapters
Region Thirteen – 1 total members 131 and 6 chapters
Region Fourteen – 0 total members 2 and 0 chapters
Region Fifteen – 0 total members 159 and 10 chapters
Region Seventeen – 0 total members 113 and 7 chapters
Region Eighteen – 0 total members 18 and 0 chapters
Region Twenty – 7 total members 212 and 8 chapters
Region 99 (unassigned) – 1 total members 5
Region 0 (holding area ) – 0 total members 0

This week first place in the recruiting arena goes to R3. R20 second place. Third place goes to R1. Way to go R3! Ships recruiting this week were USS Valiant (1), USS Panther (1), USS Storm (1), USS Corsair (3), USS Harlequin (1), USS Independence (1), USS Iceni (2), USS King Edward (2), USS Hyperion (1) and USS Liberator (1), USS Robbins (2), USS Cuchulain (2), USS Hatfield (1), and the USS New Orleans (4).

Areas with New Members Unassigned, Minnesota (1), Texas (1), North Carolina (2), Ireland (1), and United Kingdom (1).

Looking for a little adventure outside R4? Then IC 2016 in Louisville, KY might be the ticket. Registration for IC 2016 will cost $30.00 per person until February 2nd 2016, then the rate will be $35.00 per person. Registration for children 12 and under will be $5.00 regardless of time of registration. For more info, please visit www.ic2016.com

VADM Jon Lane had some good news regarding Aron Eisenberg (Nog). Aron received a kidney donation from a woman known (publicly) only as Beth. The surgery went very well. Their GoFundMe campaign, after setting a goal of $10,000, wound up reaching $13,885 from 329 donors (including a few I recognized from STARFLEET). Thanks to you and them, there is money to support both Aron and Beth while both are out of work recovering from the major transplant surgery. More updates can be found here:


Thanks again for the opportunity to serve as your RC last 4 years. While I am stepping down from this position next month, I will continue to do my best to serve fleet. See you around the galaxy!
Jerry Tien

rc [at] region4 [dot] org