Dec 23, 2015

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From the RC’s Desk: December 2015

From the RC’s Desk: December 2015

Congratulations to ADM David Nottage of USS Golden Gate on his appointment to R4 RC. ADM Nottage has been a long time R4 member and currently commands the largest chapter in R4. David is not only the CO of USS Golden Gate since 1995, he is also the proud owner of Kawika’s Ocean Beach Deli in San Francisco, CA. Best wishes to his administration which will start on 2/1/16. ADM David is also accepting applications to be his VRC. Interested parties should send a note to vrc [at] region4 [dot] org no later than 1/9/16 8PM PST.

Finance update:

From ECAB:
We knew it’d be hard to fill COMM Michael Garcia’s shoes when he stepped down from the Chief of Communications position. After an extensive search, we finally have a new Chief of Communications – COMM Matthew Miller (R1). On the AB side, congratulations to FCAPT Ken Purdie (USS Nelson) to his appointment as R15 RC.

Fleet activities at large:
FADM Wayne Killough, jr. reported HQ staff was working on a number of membership perks. For example, CosplaySky discount is available to fleet members again. ADM Laura Victor, Chief of CompOps is also working something along those lines. She should have an update for us soon.

ADM Robert Westfall announced the commissioning of USS Selene (R3) and launch of shakedown chapter USS Fenris (R9).

COMM Matthew Miller is looking for volunteers in several positions, for example, Managing Editor of CQ. If you are interested please send your application to comms [at] sfi [dot] org. In other Communications news, COMM Miller invited all current members of STARFLEET to join the Communique Newsroom (via Facebook). Please read the group description before you post anything as this is not an anything goes forum. You will get firsthand Communique related news… there may eventually be future CQ article spoilers. (We will be checking membership through the database just to make sure we don’t get any spammers.)

CFO GEN Linda Olson reminded us that a membership in STARFLEET makes a great Christmas gift for any STAR TREK fans on your shopping list. And when you are signing up those new members or sending in a renewal, please remember charity begins at home and include a small donation to the Scholarship Fund.

This week we processed 22 new members. Total Fleet Strength is 4,639 with 241 chapters.

Region One – 6 total members 924
Region Two – 1 total members 539
Region Three -3 total members 502
Region Four – 3 total members 469
Region Five – 0 total members 173
Region Six – 0 total members 108
Region Seven – 3 total members 603
Region Eight – 0 total members 7
Region Nine – 0 total members 57
Region Ten – 2 total members 69
Region Eleven – 1 total members 118
Region Twelve – 0 total members 427
Region Thirteen – 1 total members 135
Region Fourteen – 0 total members 2
Region Fifteen – 0 total members 162
Region Seventeen – 2 total members 113
Region Eighteen – 0 total members 18
Region Twenty – 0 total members 210
Region 99 (unassigned) – 0 total members 3
Region 0 (holding area ) – 0 total members 0

This week first place in the recruiting arena goes to R1. R3, R4, and R7 tied for second place. Third place goes to R10 17. Way to go R1!

SFMC BGN Jari James, COFORCECOM announced the appointment of 5th Brigade OIC, MAJ Laurie McAndrew, as well as 2LT Jamie Spracklen to 20th Brigade OIC. Congratulations to both officers.

Former IC Liaison VADM Marian Murphy passed away unexpectedly on 12/1/15. Despite the fact she was older than average members, she always worked tirelessly. Marian will be missed. (Thanks to all the people who donated to the funds for her funeral arrangement.)

Many Trek actors become part of the extended “Trek family”. According to VADM Jon Lane, a member of this extended family, actor Aron Eisenberg (Nog on DS9), is about to undergo a kidney transplant, and his partner / caregiver is trying to raise money for both themselves and their donor while Aron recovers and she takes care of him and also while the donor recovers and can’t work. If you wish to help, please visit this link:

(If you can’t afford a monetary donation, please consider simply sharing the link with people you know.)

FCAPT Dean Rogers sent out an update on Starship Farragut’s latest Kickstarter campaign. They’ve lowered prices on the perk rewards for Starship Farragut’s latest Kickstarter campaign, so check out goodies like – screen-used costumes.…/starship-farrag…/posts/1450355

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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