Nov 25, 2015

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From the RC’s Desk: November 2015

From the RC’s Desk: November 2015

In R4:
Thanks to everyone who attended this year’s Regional Conference. We had a great weekend in Sacramento. Our attendees included members from all active sectors (North, Central, South, East). Many thanks to USS Independence for hosting this year’s conference, as well as members of 49th MSG providing security details. Now that 2015 Region 4 Conference is over, it’s not too early to make plans for next year’s conference. If your chapter is interested in hosting the event, please let me know ASAP so we can give our members more time to plan for the event.

On a more serious note, the bi-annual RC election started its nomination phase on 11/8/15 and lasts 30 days. This will be followed by a 60-day voting period. Interested parties should contact fleet IG, VADM Jeff Victor (ig [at] sfi [dot] org) if you have any questions.

Finance update:

From ECAB:
We are still trying to fill the Chief of Communications position. FADM Wayne Killough, jr. is in the process of screening the applications and forward his candidate to AB for confirmation. In other news, congratulations to VADM Patrick McAndrew for his appointment to R5 RC.

Fleet activities at large:
FADM Wayne Killough, jr. filed IRS Form 990 for STARFLEET on time to keep us in good standing. In addition, he’s reviewing CQ #182 status to see what we can do to send that issue to press ASAP. I will report on this when we have more info.

Want a nice looking official fleet badge? Look no further. COMM Greg Mortensen (R11) is making official SFI Name Badges that members can proudly wear and identify themselves to each other, potential recruits & guests at conventions, events, ICs, region summits, chapter meetings, etc… For more information, visit If there are any questions, you can send an email to badges [at] sfi [dot] org

[UPDATE: the first run of these badges has been exhausted, as there were only 50 available. They didn’t last beyond the second day.]

Per CFO GEN Linda Olson, this week’s summary of the new members by region as processed thru the CFO’s office for the week Nov. 15th after the last report was filed until Nov 22nd at 11pm is as follows. As with the other new member reports, these are only the members with brand new SCC numbers, it does not include renewals. This also does not include any memberships that are holding for clarification or additional information/payment etc. If you notice that you recruited new members but your total Regional membership is down, it is due to members who have failed to renew. Check your rosters and see who is due to renew their membership and give them a reminder. It may have slipped their minds.

This week we processed 19 new members. Total Fleet Strength is 4,637 with 240 chapters.

Region One – 1 total members 929
Region Two – 3 total members 531
Region Three – 8 total members 492
Region Four – 1 total members 462
Region Five – 0 total members 175
Region Six – 0 total members 111
Region Seven – 2 total members 599
Region Eight – 0 total members 6
Region Nine – 0 total members 56
Region Ten – 1 total members 59
Region Eleven – 1 total members 119
Region Twelve – 0 total members 424
Region Thirteen – 0 total members 137
Region Fourteen – 0 total members 2
Region Fifteen – 0 total members 172
Region Seventeen – 1 total members 110
Region Eighteen – 0 total members 18
Region Twenty – 1 total members 225
Region 99 (unassigned) – 0 total members 7
Region 0 (holding area ) – 0 total members 3

This week first place in the recruiting arena is R3. R2 is in second place. Third place is R7. Way to go R3!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Jerry Tien


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