Oct 4, 2015

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R4 Regional Conference 2015: Do You Copy?

R4 Regional Conference 2015: Do You Copy?

USS Independence has generously offered to host this year’s regional conference. The time and place are as follows:

November 20-22, 2015
Crowne Plaza Hotel
5321 Date Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95841

With the basic registration, you will also have access to SacTrek, a new Trek convention in this area. The membership even includes admissions to not one but two shows featuring the guest of honor, Tim Russ on Friday night (11/20) and Saturday night (11/21). Our basic plan is to have the regional conference meeting portion to take place on Saturday morning in the 0800-1200 time slot. After which everyone can either attend the SacTrek / Quantum Con / Conquest Avalon panels / events, visit local attractions or network with fellow R4 members.

For those who wish to stay at the con hotel, there is a special link that has been created for us to purchase the ticket/room 2 pack at special SFI pricing:
Regular tickets can be purchased through www.sactrek.com.

Questions? Please contact the RC or the CO of the USS Independence.

We hope to see you on 11/20-22!