Sep 5, 2015

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SFI Saturday: Petfleet

SFI Saturday: Petfleet

Once a month, the SCO will be delving into STARFLEET, The International Fan Association, Inc, looking at some of its programs that you might not be so familiar with.

This month we are looking at PETFLEET – that wonderful organisation which means you can include your entire family in the Star Trek Universe.  Because pets are family, right?  And it isn’t even limited to living animals: the stuffed-toy mascot of USS Wessex – a targ – is also a member with her own PCC number.  [Just don’t tell her I said she was a stuffed toy.  Even a baby like Terabyte can produce a nasty bite.]

There is an active Facebook page at and Petfleet membership is free.  Of course, your family furbaby won’t have voting rights aboard your ship, nor will he/she receive the CQ, but your pet can go on away missions and be a part of RPGs. As Petfleet Director Commodore Lee Vitasek says, “your pets will be a part of your individual chapters and can participate in your programs in the same way as your chapter handles their human counterparts”.  As a pet parent, you get to learn about pet care, health issues, nutrition and more!




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