Aug 25, 2015

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From the RC’s Desk: August 2015 and the IC

From the RC’s Desk: August 2015 and the IC

Most of our chapters have excellent MSR records. Some chapters even managed to file all MSR’s on time during FY 2015. These chapters received the “Not Next Tuesday” awards given by ADM Robert Westfall, Chief Operations. One R4 chapter received this award at IC. I hope more of our chapter can attain this goal in coming years. Also, congratulations to USS Augusta Ada in completing 15 years as a commissioned STARFLEET ship of the line.

Next, congratulations to one of the hardest working R4 members. Melissa Hadley (XO, USS Gygax) has been promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain! She has worked tirelessly not only as Gygax XO, but a member of the fleet helpdesk team as well. Keep up the great work!

Finance update:

From ECAB:
2015 was one of those rare years where the entire EC team was in attendance at ECAB meeting. It was a great pleasure meeting the Academy Commandant, ADM Peg Pellerin after all these years. The meeting was relatively brief with abbreviated agenda. COMM Michael Garcia, Chief of Communications outlined the CQ dilemma – printed copy was consuming vast majority of membership fees to the point where electronic membership may be required to subsidize printed memberships. This was a result of faster than expected electronic membership adoption, which led to reduced print runs and subsequently higher printing costs. The ECAB is working hard coming up with a plan in the next 30-60 days before CQ printing cost reaches critical level.

Fleet activities at large:
IC 2015 had a great mix of fun and business. We recognized many outstanding members in fleet, talked about upcoming fleet projects and even managed to visit the Niagara Falls State Park afterwards. I think a lot of folks have eagerly awaited the announcement of annual award winners. These were the winners announced at IC 2015:

Commanding Officer of the Year:
Captain Lisa Stuckey, R7

Chapter of the Year:
USS Alba, R20

Support Ship of the Year:
USS Alba, Region 20

Shakedown Chapter of the Year:
USS George Washington, R1

Flag Officer of the Year:
Admiral Linda Kloempkin, R6

Enlisted Member of the Year:
PO2 Don Allenbach, R2

Junior Member of the Year:
Cadet SSGT Edward Tunis IV, R3

Officer of the Year:
Captain Eilidh Montgomery, R20

There was a brief presentation of IC 2016. Co-chair RADM Warren Price invited all fleet members to attend IC 2016 in Louisville, KY next year on 8/12-14.

FADM Wayne Killough, jr. announced the winner of IC 2017. The New Orleans team won the bid and will host the event in New Orleans, LA on 8/18-20, 2017.

In other news, CFO GEN Linda Olson had the following new member report as of the week of 8/16/15:
“This week we processed 25 new members. Total Fleet Strength is 4,606 with 237 chapters.

Region One – 1 total members 943
Region Two – 0 total members 518
Region Three – 8 total members 483
Region Four – 0 total members 444
Region Five – 0 total members 175
Region Six – 2 total members 121
Region Seven – 5 total members 603
Region Eight – 0 total members 6
Region Nine – 0 total members 51
Region Ten – 2 total members 77
Region Eleven – 1 total members 123
Region Twelve – 2 total members 412
Region Thirteen – 0 total members 125
Region Fourteen – 0 total members 2
Region Fifteen – 1 total members 183
Region Seventeen – 0 total members 124
Region Twenty – 3 total members 208
Region 99 (unassigned) 0 total members 5
Region 0 (holding area ) 0 total members 3

This week first place in the recruiting arena goes to R3. Region 7 for second place. Third place is Region 20. Way to go R3! Congratulations on being in first place 2 weeks in a row. Congratulations to R7 for being in 2nd place 2 weeks in a row. Awesome work!”


Jerry Tien


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