Jul 25, 2015

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From the RC’s Desk: July 2015

From the RC’s Desk: July 2015

It’s a great month for R4 – two more R4 chapters just commissioned – USS Longbow and USS Stephen Hawking. If you wish to join them, please contact FCAPT Denise Rush (galaxygoddess [at] gmail.com) and COL Derek Allen (hawking.actual [at] hawkingtimeship.club) respectively. Congratulations to both chapters!

As you know, we don’t have a firm commitment to any region wide gatherings that can serve as a venue for the regional conference yet. I am hoping folks can take a little time, research possible venues near you and give me some suggestions. If nothing else, a number of folks have indicated tentative plans to attend Convolution (October), SacTrek (November), although something earlier in the year would be nice too.

Finance update:

From ECAB:
Congratulations to FCAPT David Hines (USS Arafura) who has been appointed to R11 RC.

Like many other ECAB members, I am looking forward to the meeting in Niagara Falls next month for our annual meeting. If you are going to IC and wish to join us in the ECAB meeting, please send me a note ASAP so I can add you to the attendee list.

Fleet activities at large:
In addition to the two commissioning in R4, there are some other new chapter activities around the fleet too. Per ADM Robert Westfall, we have a new shakedown chapter USS Narragansett (R15). ADM Westfall also announced the commissioning of USS Sirius (R7). Congratulations to these chapters.

More great news from Communications department – CQ 181 is available for download.

ADM Laura Victor, Chief of CompOps reminded us to submit fleet web awards by 7/31. Final winners will be announced at the STARFLEET International Conference in Niagara Falls, NY in August. The printed awards will be sent by mail. Please submit all nominations using the online form at:


Speaking of presentations at IC, ADM Linda Kloempken, Director of Member Recognition requested everyone to send in promotion and orders of merit nominations ASAP – especially if you want to have them presented at the IC. If you would like more information about the Orders of Merit please go to awards.sfi.org.

Now for a bit of SFMC news: LTC Leo Brunelle will be stepping up from the 11th Brigade DOIC position into the 11BDE OIC position full time.

There was a public service announcement from fleet webmaster, FCAPT Greg Mortensen regarding the transfer of SFI.org from the old ISP to the new one. Please be patient if you encounter any errors within next 24 hours. FCAPT Mortensen recommend you check this website just in case during the transition, it will let you know if the rest of the world can see it, or if it’s just your connection. http://viewdns.info/ismysitedown/?domain=sfi.org

If you are traveling to IC 2015, FADM Dave Blaser wishes to remind everyone you have until next Monday, July 27, to book your room at the Sheraton at the Falls in Niagara Falls, NY and be part of the IC2015 room block!

The hotel is filling up very quickly and if you want to get the IC2015 room rate, you need to book your room as soon as possible.

You can call the Sheraton at the Falls at 1-866-961-3780 and ask to book your room in the “STARFLEET” room block or book online at:


For more information about the hotel check out:


IC selection for 2017 is underway as we speak. As usual, the result will be announced in this upcoming IC. I know it’s a bit of challenge for most R4 folks to attend IC, so I urge everyone to consider hosting one in our region. If you have participated in other event planning (either work or fandom), you already have a head start in the race. Let me know if you have any questions.


Jerry Tien