Oct 21, 2013

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Most ‘Wow’ Website of the Year 2012: USS Wessex

Most ‘Wow’ Website of the Year 2012: USS Wessex

by COMM Ros Haywood,
Staff Writer, Subspace Communicator Online

In 2013, the website of USS Wessex NCC-74207 won Region 4’s “Most ‘Wow’ Website of the Year 2012”.  USS Wessex is based in Temecula, California – although it is a correy chapter and extends as far as the United Kingdom, from where the website’s designer also hails.

Commanding Officer FCAPT Dave Jamison made sure that USS Wessex had a website from the word ‘go’ in 2009.  “The senior staff felt very strongly – and they still do – that a vibrant web presence is one of the most vital and influential recruiting tools available to any ship.”  Over the years, the crew have become very proud of their website, which displays ship’s specifications and crew list, details on the Defiant class, and links to their current newsletter (The Wyvern’s Tale).  Links to real-world scientific sites such as Cal Tech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Galaxy Zoo, and the Stellarium feature alongside Star Trek sites such as SFI, Memory Alpha, and – of course – Region 4.

Website 2013The current design came about in early 2011.  Several suggested formats and images were held on a private domain, where the members of Command could look at them at their leisure.  Various real-life photos from NASA were tried out as the main background: the winner was a photo from the Hubble telescope: “The Asteroid’s Trek”.  The colour scheme of red, gold, and black represents  the Kingdom of Wessex, which was the realm of English King Alfred; the golden wyvern on a background of red was his symbol and was used for USS Wessex’s logo.

The site was optimised for all browsers and checked for accessibility for disabled persons.   It was felt that the site should be available for  whoever might be surfing the net or needing to know more about the ship, and that nobody should be restricted because of technical difficulties or physical limitations.

Visit USS Wessex’s website at http://www.usswessex.org

Commodore Ros Haywood is the Chief Communications Officer of the correspondence chapter USS Wessex, and a staff writer for the Subspace Communicator Online.