Jun 22, 2013

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From the RC’s desk: June 2013

From the RC’s desk: June 2013
And now, a report from the Region 4 Coordinator, VADM Jerry Tien, for the month of June 2013:
In R4:
This has been a challenging month for us. We saw the departure of two chapters, Cascade Station and USS Loma Prieta, and we lost a great friend ADM David Ryan (USS Ontario). I only met ADM Ryan a few years ago, but I’ve always been impressed by his enthusiasm with fandom. May he rest in peace. On a more positive note, we do have several training chapters developing quite nicely. Hopefully they will fill the void left by these chapters. Also, I see quite a few people have signed up for the regional conference already. If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so soon to take advantage of the low rates now. As an added bonus, we just added a new entertainment for the weekend featuring Phasers on Stun! Last but not least, I want to thank our members who participated in the Pet Drive Challenge.
From ECAB:
Richard Sams stepped down as Region 20 Regional Coordinator. Dan Adams has been appointed Interim RC while an election is conducted in Region 20. The AB passed a resolution to¬† add the following item to the ballot in this year’s CS election: Merging the Computer Operations and Communications Departments of STARFLEET into a single department. Many functions of these departments are getting closer and closer, it would make sense to streamline these departments into one. In other news, the AB is going over the topic of CS candidacy with regard to AB12-10, as it affects candidates in the current CS election.
Fleet activities at large:
Congratulations to the launch of USS Artemis (R3) and commissioning of USS Caledonia (R20). Any history buffs out there? There is an opening in the CS department – STARFLEET Historian. Interested parties should apply with FADM Dave Blaser at cs [at] sfi [dot] org. Many of our members have signed up for the election mailing list. If you haven’t done so, I would highly encourage you to check it out. While the debates can get fast & furious at times, it’s also a great way to see the potential candidates’ approaches to usher in the future of STARFLEET. For your information, there are currently two teams running for CS: You can read more about them at
Admiral Wayne Lee Killough, Jr., USS Retribution, Region 3
wayne [dot] killough [at] gmail [dot] com 

Commodore Michael Timko, USS Lagrange, Region 1
michaelj [dot] timko [at] gmail [dot] com

May the best team win!
Jerry Tien